All competition results

BCA Midlands Classic 2012, Telford 

Junior co-ed level 3                               1ST PLACE!

Junior group stunt- level 2                  2nd PLACE!

Well done to our other 2 senior group stunt teams which was competing against as many as 20 people!

BCA Southern Classic 2011, Eastbourne

Southern Champions three times over!

Youth Cheer Level 2                               1ST PLACE

Youth Stunt Group Level 2                    1ST PLACE!

Senior Cheer Level 3/4                            2nd PLACE – but first placed level 3 team!

Senior Co-Ed Group stunt Level 3          1ST PLACE!


BCA Midlands Classic – Telford April 09

Junior Cheer level 2                     2nd Place

Junior Stunt group level 3          3rd Place

Senior Stunt group level 3          3rd Place

NCF – Southern Regionals – Milton Keynes May 09

Youth cheer level 1                       3rd Place

Junior Stunt Group                      4th Place

Senior Stunt Group                      4th Place

All three teams qualifying for Nationals in Sheffield 2010


Future Cheer Internationals – Brighton 2008

Youth Cheer level 1           2nd Place

Junior Cheer level 2          6th Place

BCA Southern Classics – Brighton 2008

Youth Cheer level 1            5th Place

Junior Cheer level 2            7th Place

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