BCA Midlands classic 2012, Telford

Panthers had another fantastic competition at BCA Midlands Classic 2012, coming home with 2 trophies 1st & 2nd place!

The morning of the competition we were up early but Panthers were raring to come home with some trophies! The first group that performed was the senior stunt group – Level 3, they did amazing considering they were up against 19 other teams! Their routine was really good! The second group that performed was the Junior stunt group – Level 2 and came 2nd out of 9! The day was getting off to a good start and we were all looking forward to our main routine! The next was our Senior co-ed stunt group – Level 3, again they did amazing and were up against 9 other teams! Now the Panthers just had to wait until 6ish in the evening to perform our main routine!

Finally it was time to go and warm up! The routine was clean and amazing, we came 1st place! Most of the Panthers agreed that it was the fastest the routine had ever gone! Meanwhile when we were waiting for our awards we went to Pizza Hut where we all enjoyed some yummy pizza! After that day was over we were so happy with our performances and the awards we got! On Sunday I don’t think we wanted to go home, but we couldn’t wait to share the amazing news and start preparing for Southerns in November!

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