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64 Responses to Contact Us & Guest Book

  1. Maz says:

    Hi everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    Fantastic to see you all back again last night after the Xmas break.
    2007 was a great year for you Panthers but 2008 should be a very special one as we compete for the first time – exciting times. See you all next week. xxx

  2. milly says:

    my friends and i are very interested in cheerleading and we were wondering how to join and maybe come watch a rehearsal and see how you do you stuff? if you could please email me back that would be great!
    thank you very much,
    from milly. xo

  3. Emily says:

    hiya panthers
    well done u all look gr8 good luck with all to come in the future.
    i will make sure i come and watch some of ur performances see how youve all progressed and looking at the site i can see ur all brill.
    good luck panthers
    (by the way in case you forgot me i used to help out)

  4. Katie says:

    I love cheerleading. Were talking about sports at school and of course i say cheerleading. It’s lovely and i’ve settled in very well. Made lots of new friends.

    Practising all the time,Katie

  5. Ellie says:

    Cheerleading is fab and i lovve it x
    I Always look foward to the gymnastics week and tummbles!!
    See you guyys soon x


  6. Karen B says:

    My daughter would like to have a go at cheering! Please send us some info on how to join up. Is it possible for her and I to come see what you do?
    Your sight has a good feel to it…very friendly and upbeat like cheer is supposed to be!
    Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your new sight, Thanks, Karen B

  7. Elise says:

    Hi Panthers

    I was just gonna tell u how much i hav enjoyed cheerleading as i only started in january!!! Well, very much anyway!!! I cant wait to compete in july or whenever it is and it looks and sounds so cool. The Uniforms are fab aswell there really pretty. Every1 there is really nice and brill at cheerleading lol!
    Lots of luv to all of ya

  8. Alex Davies says:

    Hi girls!!!!!!!! I miss you sooooo much, wish I was there to see you working hard and looking fantastic and stunting and routines! I don’t know when I’ll be back at the moment but I want you all to keep on working extra hard for Maz and Amber so that everyone that sees you will be super impressed! I love you all and hope that you are all doing well, you can email me anytime to say hi or chat at Love you lots girls, be good! xox

  9. Laura (Zodiacs) says:

    Hey Maz & everyone,
    hope all is well with Panthers & that we will see you around at some events this summer!
    x x

  10. worthingpanther says:

    Wow! You girls were awesome today and made us all sooooo proud. Really looking forward to your next show and competition in July.

    Enjoy the pictures and if any family or friends took other pictures we would love to see them and put them on the site.

    Give me a P A N T H E R S, Gooooo PANTHERS!

  11. Natasha says:

    Good luck Panthers at Future Cheer in 9 days time, i am sure you all will do great and look fab out there.

    Tasha and Zodiacs

  12. worthingpanther says:

    Many thanks to Tasha and all at Zodiacs for your good luck message. We are all really excited about the competition and looking foward to seeing you guys also 🙂

  13. Emily says:

    Hi ya Panthers……..
    Can’t wait till comp. I’m so excited.

  14. Sara says:

    Hay Panthers, im from Sussex Tornados and thought id come on and wish you guys the best of luck for future cheer comp! im sure u guys will do great!! we will be cheering you all on!! xxx hope you all hve as much fun at this comp as we do. aftr all thats what comps are all about!! HAVING FUN!! once again best of luck xxxx

  15. worthingpanther says:

    charlotte Says:
    July 1, 2008 at 6:55 pm edit

    heyaaa panthers ……..

    i can’t wait tilll the comp its goin to be soo exited !! wooooooo

    lol we have got to show what we got!

    can’t wait its goin to be well good!!!


  16. Anna says:

    Good luck to all the girls of Worthing Panthers at Future Cheer on Sunday…Give them your best – we will be cheering you all on.

  17. Amber says:

    Hi girls, I hope youre all looking forward to the comp on Sunday! I know I am! This is your time to show off Worthings new cheer squad and all your hard work. I want you all to go out there & enjoy yourselves & have fun ok? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Susie Balchin says:

    Hi girls,

    Wishing you all the luck in the world at your competition on Sunday. Most of all though – hope you all have lots of fun! Will be thinking of you and sending some good vibes!

    Love Susie, Barry, Ben and Keith xxxx
    (Panther Groupies)

  19. Carole & David at Field Place says:


    Good luck all of you great ppl..

    You are a credit to Worthing – and all the wonderful trainers, coaches and supporters you have!

    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. worthingpanther says:

    I think everything we need to say can be best said in the words of Kylie – “You’re WOW WOW WOW!!!!”

    Your first competition girls and you ROCKED! Everyone is so proud of you and you really showed that you have Panthers Pride.
    Maz xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Amber says:

    Hi girls What a fantastic day we’ve all had! You really did look great out there on the floor and I am so proud of you ALL! You did sooooo well at your first competition. Heres to the future, thanks for working hard and making us all so proud of you!
    Amber xxxx

  22. Sara says:

    Hay panthers jut wanted to say a massive well done! wot a fantastic day it was for your 1st comp nd you get a 2nd a 6th place!!!!! massive welldone you really deserved it! xxxxx

  23. rebecca and emma says:

    well done panthers on your future cheer performances. it was lovely to see you do so well on your first appearance and lovely to see maz again.
    well done you deserved it xx
    rebecca and emma

  24. Peter Bloxham (from Durrington Festival) says:

    Dear Maz

    Durrington Festival 2008 – Carnival Procession

    I write on behalf of the Durrington Festival to say Thank You to the Worthing Panthers for stepping in at the last minute to join in with the Durrington Festival Carnival Procession on 14th June. I seem to remember from our earlier conversation you said it would be nothing special – well from where I was standing it was very special and looked absolutely superb. I see also from your web-site that you have recently been well placed in competitions, which from the display you put on for the Festival was well deserved and congratulations to you all. Please pass our thanks to all who took part and it was really great having you on board…

    …Once again the Durrington Festival Carnival procession was one of the highlights of this years Festival and of course this was only possible due to you, the organisations and individuals who took part. andfrom the feedback we have received was much appreciated by the community…

  25. Caroline Wakley (Friends At Becket School) says:

    Dear Maz,

    Thomas A Becket First School Summer Fair 2008

    On Behalf of everyone from Friends at Becket School, I would like to say thank you to everyone at Worthing Panthers Cheerleaders for putting on a fantastic display at our recent summer fair. The team looked fantastic and everyone throughly enjoyed the display. It was lovely that you asked the children from the school to join in at the end. I am delighted to report that we raised a whopping £4,800 this year, so a huge thank you for taking the time and effort to perform for us.

  26. Alex Davies says:

    Hellooooo Ladies!!! I miss you all soooo much and have been hearing rave reviews about the squad, I am so proud of all of you, especially my little ones getting second and I’m very very proud of my Junniors as well! Keep up the hard work! I’m sorry I won’t see you too soon but I’m trying to figure something out, I want to see you all and see how wonderful you’re doing. Until I see you remember you can email me anytime and I am always thinking about you guys! Lots of love,


  27. Dear Amber
    On behalf of everyone at Sussex Seals, I would like to thank you and your Worthing Panthers for a fantastic display and opening for our special 10th Birthday celebration at Worthing Leisure centre.
    Our members thoroughly enjoyed the performance by your team. It was the first opportunity most of our members have ever seen a cheerleading team in action. When our members joined in it was a wonderful moment, they all had a brilliant time and the photographs we both took prove this, I gather you may have some new members in the future!!
    I would like to congratulate you on Worthing Panthers and for all the hard work you are doing in the community.
    Hopefully we will meet up again very soon!
    With very best wishes
    Yours sincerely
    Angie Green
    Sussex Seals

  28. Hey Panthers, not long now only 3 days till competition….. The Sussex Tornados Would like to wish you the best of luck we will be there cheering you all on as loud as possible. Im excited about seeing you all compete. Your going to be Fantastic im sure of it, see you on Saturday xx Love Lianne and the Sussex Tornados.xx

  29. natalie (alisha's mum}worthing panthers says:

    just like to say well done to you all ,(bca 18th oct 08) you rocked the brightonn centre today i am a very proud cheer mum . maz and amber you have a fantastic bunch of girls .xxxx

  30. Sara says:

    Hay Panthers!
    Just wanted to say how amazing your guys were today at southern classic’s you deffo did worthing proud!! Very Very Well done and look forward to seeing you perform and another comp!!
    Lots of luv
    Sara- Sussex Tornados!!
    p.s thanks for cheering us on during cheer! saw and heard you all :)! xxxxxx

  31. Rebecca Shields says:

    Hi girls
    Just wanted to say a huge well done for the amazing effort you all put in on Sat.
    Well done!!!
    I REALLY enjoyed it. You were all sooo great!

  32. Jade says:

    hey ya worthing panthers!

    everybody’s doin so great at practice on monday and we’ve nearly got our cheer 2gether!!!!
    Also practice on friday is coming along!!! (i can FINALLY do a back handspring!!!!)

    lots of luv,
    (p.s. GO PANTHERS!!!)

  33. Hey guys 🙂 are you competing at futare cheer winter wonderland ? if so good luck and i hope to see you there 😀


  34. Honeys cheer says:

    Lovely site, 🙂

    You look great girls – good luck 🙂

    Honeys Cheer & Dance Team

  35. Lorraine LCA/AEC Coach! says:

    Hey Panthers!

    It’s almost been a year since i saw you last and from all the pictures i can see that you’re still doing an AWESOME job! Good luck for Telford and hopefully i’ll be seeing you at nationals putting out another set of Prrrrfect routines!

    All the best!
    Coach Lorraine, LCA

  36. Coach Paul says:

    Good Luck Panthers for Saturday. Hope you have a wicked day. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Junior 2 (I’m a worthing boy so your representing my home town?).

    All the best

    Coach Paul (Burntwood School / Cheervision)

  37. worthingpanther says:

    Competition Time!!!
    Hey Panthers we are so excited to be taking you guys to your first ‘away’ competition and also to be entering partner stunt categories for the first time. You have all worked hard over the last few weeks and we know you are going to go out there tomorrow and look grrrreat! See you all later. GO GO PANTHERS!!!

  38. Amber says:

    Lets Go Panthers Lets Go!! Have a great weekend at Telford – love you all! Amber xx

  39. Carole & David says:



  40. Aaron Tourle (ex panther!) says:

    its Aaron the first boy panther!

    i will wear my panthers t shirt to support you tommorow I hope you win it,

    AARON ***


    Good luck today girls, bring back some silverware. GRANDMA MAG/GRANDAD DON.

  42. Elise (again) says:

    WOW PANTHERS!! 2nd place is a great outcome for our 3rd competition… We all knew we could do it and it just shows how much hard work we did put in to our routine :):)
    Lots of love

  43. Rebecca says:


  44. worthingpanther says:

    Well done to you all! I hope you all had a great weekend coz I did! We came away with two trophies, 2nd & 3rd places, and our first ever 5 man stunt groups. You did great all of you, so proud! Have some great pics and some strange new tunes going round in my head, ‘my wee is wet’ and ‘dont distract the driver’ …?!! Amber xx

  45. worthingpanther says:

    Thank you girls for an amazing weekend! It was great to watch you really bonding as a team and enjoying yourselves and what fantastic results! I am so proud to work with you all and can’t wait till the next training session to start looking at new stunts n stuff!!! Maz xxxxxx

  46. Carole & David says:



    Well done guys from all at FP xx

    Izzy – you’re a star xx nan & grandad xx

  47. Lorraine LCA/AEC Coach! says:

    Brilliant news Panthers!!!

    I knew ude do an amazing job!! well done! Continue being as fierce as you are! Congratulations Maz & Amber…You’re programme has come such a long way and that says so much about your leadership! Good job again, Hope you’re all having a brilliant Easter!

    Much Respect!
    Coach Lorraine
    x x

  48. Emma's Mum says:

    A Great result at Telford and the BCA. Everyone involved should be very proud of themselves.

    Well done everyone! Can’t wait to see the trophies on Monday.

    Emma’s mum and Emma!


  49. worthingpanther says:

    I’m soooo excited about Saturday. You all looked fantastic in practice today and I’m loving those strong smiles and facial expressions! Keep practising during the week and let’s rock the NCF at Milton Keynes.

    Stunt groups – well done with your routines, Lottie and Nicola you are doing a great job with double duty. What about this evening though and the two new cheer guys? Have a great week and see you all bright and early on Saturday. Maz xx

  50. Maz says:

    Butlins was fun today, thank you ladies! Hope you all had a good time too. See some of you on Saturday and good luck to all the girls taking part in Rock Challenge on Friday xxxx

  51. worthingpanther says:

    Well done to all the Panthers that travelled to the National Cheerleading Federation competition in Milton Keynes. Youth team you looked great, thoroughly deserving 3rd place and well done to Jordon for taking on Paws our mascot. Stunt groups you were awesome and hope to hear more news about your groups over the next couple of days. Also a big thank you to you all for the fabulous coach trophy – you guys really are the best!
    The coaches and parents are all sooooo proud of you. The day showed again what stars you all are!
    See you Monday to prepare for St Barnabus Bangers and Cash day. xxx

  52. Lisa says:

    On behalf of St Barnabas House I am writing to thank you and everyone at Worthing Panthers for your wonderful cheerleading displays at the Bangers & Cash BBQ and family fun day on Saturday. It was a fantastic day and we were very lucky with the weather, I hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

    The money is still being counted but initial estimates are that the day raised around £4500. This is a fantastic amount and we couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you so much.

    We hope to see you again soon.

  53. charlotte collins says:

    hey panthers I saw you all at worthing vale school’s summer fayre and you were all AMAZING! hope you come again, charlotte :-)xxxx

  54. kiera davis says:

    Hello LOVELY PANTHERS just dropping into say hi xxx and had a great time today at field place doing our display very proud of everyone soldiering even in the blistering heat

  55. amber says:

    Hi Panthers I hope youre all having a fabulous summer?! Im loving the make over and name change . Keep up the hard work for your coaches. Miss you lots, Amber xxx (retired Panthers coach!)

    • Panthers Allstars Worthing says:

      Great to hear from you Amber. Yeah, name change is cool, just need to get an all singing/dancing website sorted now 🙂
      We all miss you and look forward to seeing you again soon – maybe another BBQ at the beach??? xx

  56. Mo Thoms says:

    Hey guys you all looked fab (also a little hot) today at Worthing Play. Wishing you all a good summer Mo (Steffi’s mom) xx 🙂

  57. Panthers Allstars Worthing says:

    A huge well done going out to all Panthers Allstars! You guys were amazing at BCA Southerns yesterday in Eastbourne and made everyone sooooo proud. Awesome performances and fantastic results! Roll on 2012 🙂 xx

  58. Sarah Leete (Emma's mum) says:

    Congratulations Panthers a great day yesterday, 3 first places and a second place! Great results for all the hard work over recent weeks.
    Congratulations to all the coaches too for keeping it together and it looked great on the day!
    Telford, April 2012 here we come!

  59. Ellie Hudson says:

    Woo! we totally rocked it! so glad to be a panther, i think we shoul investigate a panther mascot uniform!;L xx

  60. issy says:

    Hello I have being looking at cheerleading,I would really like to start but I don’t have much experience so what would I be able to do ?

  61. Panthers Allstars Worthing says:

    Wooohoooo. Amazing results from Midlands Classic in Telford. Another great competition for the Panthers! Check out the Telford 2012 write up and new page with photos. Well done everyone and can’t wait to get started on routines for November 🙂

  62. Maz says:

    The best cheer team. Thank you for all the great times and hope to see you soon. Xx

  63. Hiya Trying to get hold of someone to see if you are coming along to Worthing Playday again this year? Please contact Many thanks

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