Training Rules

These training rules exist to ensure a safe training environment and assist the Panther’s team coaches and committee to manage the team effectively. It is important that you follow them and refer to your handbook for full rules and regulations:

  • No chewing gum whilst training

  • No jewellery to be worn (leave it at home or take it off well before training)

  • Please refrain from wearing loose fitting clothes or clothes with ties or zips whilst training

  • Tie all long hair back securely

  • Do not stunt without the use of mats or a team coach in the room

  • Arrive at training on time and with the correct fee

  • Mobile Phone must be switched off.

  • If you are missing from training for 2 weeks or more without letting us know, your name may be withdrawn from our register

  • Stunting and talking at the same time is unacceptable

  • If unable to attend practice/training sessions you must contact one of the coaches directly either by phone, text or email (details in your handbook)

The most important rule of all is to respect every member of your squad and your management team as an individual and as a team mate.

Remember Panthers, train hard but safely, have fun and become the best you can be!

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